Construction is an ever growing industry. Any building construction project budgets to around 30 to 40% of the total construction cost to the Mechanical / Electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems. The MEP system gives life to a building, through Air conditioning, ventilation, power distribution, lighting, water supply, drainage, and firefighting systems. At SPECTRA we train our students in various discipline included in MEP systems. Our ‘Professional course on HVAC’ is designed by experts in the industry such that every student gets a complete know-how about fundamental and modern HVAC concepts and systems. In summary, a certified student by SPECTRA is well equipped and suitable to be employed directly, without further training.


HVAC is major segment of any modern development project. As air conditioning consumes high energy, it is important to design and execute the HVAC systems in professional and highly efficient way. The demand for trained and skilled HVAC Engineers is high in the current industry. The Middle East countries such as UAE / QATAR / OMAN /KSA and KUWAIT, AIR CONDITIONING is a most common part of the life systems due to service weather conditions, the opportunity is high for HVAC ENGINEERS. But in India, the MEP and HVAC segment is still in the early growth phase, which means there is a bright future ahead.


The course on HVAC is intended for Engineering / Diploma (Mechanical, Electrical) professionals. The course will cover professional theory session handled by trained engineers and followed by hands-on industrial training. The practical training will be conducted at actual work shop where the students can learn with LIVE PROJECTS.


  1. Awareness on HVAC Systems
  2. Psychometric Analysis
  3. Cooling Load Estimation
  4. Static Pressure Calculation
  5. Costing & Estimation
  6. Duct & Pipe Design
  7. Equipment Selection & System Design
  8. Project Management
  9. Awareness on CAD
  10. Ventilation Basics
  11. Awareness on Live Project Work Flow
  12. Preparation of Shop Drawings
  13. Execution & Installation
  14. Operation Theater Air Conditioning Basics