Any building project which is having mechanical forced ventilation requires Sheet Metal Ducts to carry and distribute air to the spaces. In fact, ducts are a channel for ‘breathing’ of the building. Sheet metal Ducts are used for applications like building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).


Huge demand of modern living style apartments requires proper ventilated and air conditioned buildings. Indoor Air Quality is a major concern for social living. Any building which is having a common air conditioning or ventilation system, duct is a major part. Demand for trained and professionally qualified duct fabricators is very high in India as well as abroad.

Spectra is providing professional training on the duct fabricating course. This course is suitable for aspirants looking for a better career in the building service industry. Middle East (UAE/QATAR/OMAN/KSA and KUWAIT) have major demand for trained ductmen.


  1. Introduction to ducting
  2. Material specification
  3. Codes and standards
  4. Drawing interpretation
  5. Fabrication
  6. Execution
  7. Erection and testing
  8. Insulation
  9. Safety and hazards
  10. Live factory training
  11. live Project